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FT6: Elaionas, Fylis, Menidi

Waste Management

Description: The plant of Fili is the site where approximately 85% of the solid waste of the Region of Attica is disposed as well as all of the medical waste of the country which has to be burnt. The main functional element of the plant is the landfill, which is probably the largest landfill in Europe. During our visit at the plant of Fili we will discuss with the managers of the plant and members of the board of the waste management agency of the Region of Attica (ESDNA). The plain of Thriasio in the western part of Attica and especially the waterfront of Elefsina is an area with high concentration of industrial units that produce steel, cement and ammunition, refineries, shipyards and waste treatment units. Furthermore, the plain of Thriasio is an area where extensive trafficking and treatment of waste takes place, in many cases illegally. Apart from a tour through the industrial zone of the plain of Thriasio, we will visit a municipal plant of the Municipality of Elefsina where a project for local treatment of part of
city’s solid waste is running, though not enough satisfactorily. We will meet representatives of the relevant office of the Municipality of Elefsina. The fieldtrip will close with a discussion in a hall in Elefsina, in order to make an overall assessment of the fieldtrip and answer questions. Members of the citizens’ initiatives PROSYNAT and ECOELEFSIS that will accompany the group will provide information.