FT9: Elefsina, Skaramagkas

Industrialization and de-industrialization of Attica

The plain of Thriasio in the western part of Attica and especially the waterfront of Elefsina is an area with high concentration of industrial units that produce steel, cement and ammunition, refineries, shipyards and waste treatment units. There, we can also find the huge area of Skaramangas shipyards, which over the years has expanded and has destroyed Western Athens’ coastline. The plain of Thriasio is an area where extensive trafficking and treatment of waste takes place, in many cases illegally. The industrial activities have an atrocious impact on the local environment, the health and the everyday life of the local communities. Worth mentioning is that the western suburbs of Attica are historically the poorest area of Athens, with a long history of environmental and social degradation. During this tour, we will visit all these areas and we will discuss about industrialization and de-industrialization of Athens and the impact on the environment and everyday lives. Members of the citizens’ initiatives PROSYNAT and ECOELEUSIS that will accompany the group will provide information.