FT7: Goudi Μetropolitan Park and Hymettus mountain

Environmental struggles

The metropolitan park of Goudi-Ilisia is located at the east of the municipality of Athens and it constitutes the natural continuity of the mountain of Hymettus which is located at the east of Attica metropolitan region. The metropolitan park has been characterized and institutionalized as an area of green, leisure and mild cultural activities. It was designed in 1997-1998 and it was the result of long claims and struggles of the residents from the neighboring municipalities. During 2017, the Greek government announced the construction of a new stadium inside the park. At the same time Hymettus Mountain has been constantly in danger against its public and forestry character through illegal urban expansions, extensive encroachments, wildfires etc. Recently the “Council of State” cancelled the Presidential Decree that was defining the protection framework of Hymettus and was institutionalizing the Goudi-Ilisia as a Metropolitan Park. A large number of local initiatives is currently struggling for the protection of the park and the mountain. During the fieldtrip along with the guided tour inside the park, a discussion with members of these initiatives will be encouraged regarding the history of the claims and the current situation.